Versioned classics

Versioned classics | € 12


Singapore Sling Japanese gin, pineapple, lime, aperol, cherry, Angostura.
The history of the original Singapore Sling broke down many social barriers in terms of drinks, as it was designed to seduce a woman. Over the years the drink remained as popular with men as it was with women, ushering in a new era. Stories only last if we give them the necessary chance and continue to eat such delicious recipes, so go ahead and break your barriers! The worst thing that can happen is to enjoy it widely… or even repeat it. Long drink, fruity, sweet, refreshing. Perfect for before, during and after the meal.


Mezcal, house vermouth with aromatic herbs, mixed bitters, cardamom
Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it looks harmless but is actually quite a bastard. Perfect to open the mouth, with a sparkling step … and a chingon finish. Medium-long drink. With bitter, herbal, sweet and smoky notes.


Raicilla, mixture of amaros, herbs, lime
Our particular tribute to the creator of this recipe. We take the “punk” side of mezcal for a walk with this short drink, with the perfect balance between citrus, bitter and sweet. Perfect to take as an aperitif.


Japanese gin, floral orange liqueur, white vermouth, bitters, sparkling
Good recipes are born of mistakes, as well as the tarte “tatin” or that negroni “sbagliato” in which placing a few bubbles was not such a bad idea. Medium-long, aromatic, bitter and fresh drink. Perfect to take as an aperitif or accompanying food.

MOCKTAILS (Alcohol Free) | € 12


Roasted pineapple, mint cordial, lime, ginger beer
We also remember who does not drink alcohol, sometimes life is simply cruel, but here we remedy everything. Medium-long, fresh, fruity and spicy drink. Perfect for before, during, and after your meal.


Raspberry, grapefruit, lemongrass, cherry blossom, yuzu foam
The ritual of the “hanami” consists of contemplating the beauty of the flowers, in Japan they put it into practice when the cherry trees bloom, here after you, it is the second most beautiful thing to contemplate. Long, citrusy, refreshing drink. Perfect for before, during, and after your meal.


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