Our proposal

The diversity of Mexican cuisine reflects the richness of its culture. In our offering we adopt its traditional formats with an entirely innovative focus.

The Japanese philosophy of product excellence and attention to detail is a fundamental counterpoint to the type of fusion we offer. We remain true to the purity of produce, embellishing different flavours, and the excellence of the selected ingredients.

The Restaurant

In our concept you can enjoy Julián Mármol’s Gastronomy both in letter format and in Menu format. We have 2 Tasting Menus available and an extensive menu with a great selection of Mexican snacks with Japanese philosophy.

  • Omakase Menu: Special menu, we can enjoy the freshest and highest quality bites.
  • Sol Naciente Menu: New Menu to taste at the bar, available from Monday to Thursday at Noon.

The Private.

At Shikuence you can enjoy a Gastronomic Menu in a totally private space where innovation and the purity of the best raw materials come together with a personalized service down to the smallest detail.


The possibility of renting the space to hold private events, or the existence of direct access from the car park, reflect the level of exclusivity offered at Shikuence.



A new concept by Julián Mármol

The authorial hallmarks of Julián Mármol are perfectly apparent at Monchis: the inherent curiosity of the self-taught practitioner gives him wings, while reverential respect for the finest ingredients keeps him tethered to the ground.
This balance, a feature of all his projects, allows him to open up new pathways without losing his personal touch, creating culinary concepts that achieve excellence by surprise, triggering unique sensations.

At Monchis, the most recognisable elements of Mexican cuisine give the morsels on offer a playful facet, while canonical Japanese excellence and respect for the produce lend depth and sincerity.